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Masjid Agung Al Falah

Location :

Jl Sultan Thaha No 60, legok, kecamatan telanaipura, kota jambi

The mosque is also known as the Thousand Pillar Mosque. This is due to the unique construction of this mosque. The mosque was filled with poles without walls so that air circulation and light can run smoothly. Although dubbed the Thousand Pillar Mosque, the number of poles that there is actually only 256 pieces only.

Great Mosque of Al Falah built in nine years, ie between 1971 until 1980. The cultural tourism is able to accommodate up to 10,000 worshipers. The mosque has no door and window are located at Jalan Sultan Taha No. 60, Legok, District Telanaipura.

Candi Muaro Jambi

Location : -

Situs Purbakala Kompleks Percandian Muaro Jambi adalah sebuah kompleks percandian agama Hindu-Buddha terluas di Indonesia yang kemungkinan besar merupakan peninggalan Kerajaan Sriwijaya dan Kerajaan Melayu. Kompleks percandian ini terletak di Kecamatan Muaro SeboKabupaten Muaro JambiJambiIndonesia, tepatnya di tepi Batang Hari, sekitar 26 kilometer arah timur Kota Jambi. Koordinat Selatan 01* 28'32" Timur 103* 40'04". Candi tersebut diperkirakakn berasal dari abad ke-11 M. Candi Muaro Jambi merupakan kompleks candi yang terbesar dan yang paling terawat di pulau Sumatera. Dan sejak tahun 2009 Kompleks Candi Muaro Jambi telah dicalonkan ke UNESCO untuk menjadi Situs Warisan Dunia.

Danau Gunung Tujuh

Location : Kerinci

Seven Mountain Lake is a beautiful lake and unique in Indonesia. The lake is located at the summit of Mount Seven and became one of the highest caldera lake in Southeast Asia with an area of approximately 960 hectares, a length of 4.5 km, and a width of 3 km. Altitude of approximately 1,950 meters of the lake above the sea level. Its location in the village Pelompek, District Ayu Aro, Kerinci regency, Jambi.

Because of its location at the top of the mountain, making the atmosphere of the lake is beautiful and natural. Fresh air, green panorama, and crystal clear lake water presenting the beauty that can make you comfortable to linger to enjoy the scenery. Aside from being a place unwind and relax, the lake is also used as a source of livelihood of local fishermen.

Seven Lakes Mountain is captivating volcanic lake created by the volcanic eruption of Mount Seven in Kerinci district. The volcanic eruption caused the formation of a large crater that is then filled by rain water to form a lake. Seven Lakes Mountain several rivers flowing in Jambi, one stream empties into the Batang Hari River.

Seven mountain lake has an area of approximately 12,000 m² and is included in the National Park Kerinci Semblat so here you have the opportunity to climb after visiting this lake.

Seven Lakes Mountain named because it is surrounded seven surrounding mountain peaks. These mountains, namely: Upper Mount Tebo (2,525 meters), Mount Hulu Sangir (2,330 m), Madura Iron Mountain (2,418 m), Mount moss overgrown with various kinds of moss (2,350 m), Mount Basil (2,230 m), Bake Jar mountain (2,469 m), and Mount Seven (2,735 m).

The existence of this lake paralleled the story of local legend as the indwelling of the supernatural powers of two spirits who guard is Lbei Way and Saleh Sri Waiting with his followers in the form of a tiger. Another narrative tells that the lake is inhabited by a pair of dragons. Naga inhabited male and female dragon inhabit lakes upstream tributaries. Kerinci community recognizes as the Seven Lakes Mountain Lakes Way. It is associated with the lake water is always clean where the leaves are falling from the trees around the lake is not visible in the water. Often described the weather changes suddenly in this lake. Most locals call this lake as the Lake of the Gods who kept the charm once a mystery

Geopark Merangin

Location : Merangin Jambi

Geopark geopark Merangin be most likely to get the recognition of UNESCO. Teams that have established local government is accelerating the development team. There is also a team formed Geological Agency. Namely, the research team or researchers who have been working since 2011.

When they travel to Edinburgh express Graha Pena (Jawa Pos Group), Regent Merangin Al Haris much about the tourism potential of the area they lead. '' Geopark is one of the world heritage of hundreds of millions of years old. The stones are just being Merangin. In the near future, its existence will be recognized by the world, '' he explained.

Merangin Geopark has an area 20 360 square kilometers. Geopark is divided into four sections. Namely, paleobotany Park Merangin, Highland Park Kerinci, Geo-Cultural Park Sarolangun, and Godwana Park Mountains Thirty Hill (Tanjungjabung West). Paleobotany Park Merangin divided into three zones. Namely, catchment zone (main gate) in the heart of Bangko, geoconservation core zone, bioconservation, cultural, and conservation and buffer zones are areas along the watershed (DAS).

Wide paleobotany Park Merangin is 1,551 square kilometers, divided into two zones. The first zone is called geoconservation. There were two blocks. Namely, the area of Jambi flora which includes Air Batu village to village Biuku Cape and Kars region Sengayau Manau River and Kars Jangkat. Kars Sengayau includes 13 caves that never reached the local community for 12 days.

The second zone is called bioconservation. Namely, the area of protected forests and forests in Merangin. One of them, Traditional Forest Guguk Guguk Village, District Renah Pembarap. Guguk forest has an area of approximately 690 hectares

Gunung kerinci

Location :


Mount Kerinci (also spelled "Kerintji", and is known as the Mountain Tower, Volcano Kurinci, Kerinchi, Korinci, or Indrapura Peak) is the highest mountain in Sumatra, the highest volcano in Indonesia, and the highest peak in Indonesia outside Papua. Mount Kerinci located in Jambi Province which borders the province of West Sumatra, in the Bukit Barisan Mountains, near the west coast, and is located about 130 km south of Padang. The mountain is surrounded by dense forest Kerinci National Park and is the habitat of Sumatran tigers and Sumatran rhinoceros.

The peak of Mount Kerinci is at an altitude of 3,805 meters above sea level, here visitors can see the beautiful scenery in the distance stretched the city of Jambi, Padang and Bengkulu. Even the vast Indian Ocean can be seen clearly. Mount Kerinci has a crater measuring 400 x 120 meters and contains green water. In the east there is a lake Bento, clear watery swamp highest in Sumatra. On the back there is a mountain of seven with a very beautiful crater almost untouched.

Mount Kerinci volcano is still active stratovolcano type and last erupted in 2009.